Millyard Family Lawyers are a Cairns law firm specialising in the practice of family law.

Director and Principal Amanda Millyard, an Accredited Family Law Specialist, has 20 years experience in the practice of family law.

Tailored advice is provided on divorce, property settlements, binding financial agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements), child custody issues and alternative dispute resolution options in family law matters.

Understanding that every case is unique, we find innovative solutions to our client’s legal issue that are grounded in law.

Separation matters are planned to be resolved effectively, cost efficiently and where possible, out of the Courtroom.

When the circumstances of the case call upon us to litigate, we have the professional judgement,determination, training and experience to effectively representour client’s interests through the Court process.

Our firm model provides the time to focus intently on each client matter.

We have set our intention to deliver high quality legal services in a caring manner that achieves our client’s best outcome.


Accredited Specialist Family Law, PANELS AND INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPS